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Welcome to Seminole Septic, Inc.
Seminole Septic, Inc. has been providing customers with quality service in the Pinellas /  Tampa Bay Area since the mid 1960's.  We are centerally located in Pinellas County.  We offer a wide variety of service and carry an impressive fleet of equipment.  All of our staff is well trained, most with years of experience!  

If you you have questions or are in need of service regarding: Grease Traps / Grease Interceptors / Septic Tanks / Tank Installation / Lift Stations / Clogged Sewer Pipes or Storm Pipes / Need a pipe Televised / or a pipe Jet Pressure Cleaned, please call our office at 727-392-1352, and let one of our friendly staff members assist you.

Seminole Septic is a company that cares, we appreciate your business!

Office 727-392-1352
Fax 727-393-0413