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Video Inspections
Seminole Septic offers a wide variety of service when it comes to televising pipe. 

Why televise your pipe? 

Most times televising your sewer pipe or storm pipe offers our customers a clear and accurate discription of whats going on inside your sewer / storm pipe.  Our cameras can give you a detailed picture of your problem area. Pictures really are worth a thousand words!

Need to trace a sewer / storm pipe?  Our camera systems can accurately trace your sewer line.  Attached to the camera is a transmitter that allows our trained staff to map out your sewer / storm system.

We can televise pipe from 3" to 60"

We have the lastest and most sohisticated camera equipment available.  All of our inspections are in color and are recorded to a DVD, CD-rom, or VHS cassette which become your property along with a computer generated pipe run report at the end of the inspection.

CONTRACTORS...... We have everything you will need from Vactors to Main Line Camera Trucks to complete your project quickly and efficiently.

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